Overall progress

From now on, there are less then two months away from the big trip. The tickets have already been bought and we a very looking foward to live the adventure. Up till now, we have been able to organize several visits with Japanese Companies .

We are actually proud of us since we have the opportunity to visit companies that specialize in transport, such as Toyota and Honda Research Institute. Will we be lucky enough to meet some robots that are smarter then us? Who knows…


Moreover, still in the theme of transport, we will have the chance to visit Tokyo’s airport. There flight’s schedules logistics are phenomenal and we all look forward to understand them.


To continue, the team members who unfortunately haven’t had the chance to attend a performance of the Quebec’s company, Le Cirque du Soleil in Montreal, well it's in Tokyo that will be able to see this fabulous show.


Regarding universities, we have the chance to visit two universities that offers engineering programs such as Kyoto University and Waseda. Several members are in -packaged by the visit, including Justin Corbin, who wants to study a session in Japan.


All in all, it is because of the help of the Delegation of Quebec that we are able to take part in all his visits. They played the role of intermediary in Japan to enable us to spend an unforgettable stay. So that's why our first visit to Japan will be in their establishment to thank them for their great work .

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