Osaka Gas

On Monday afternoon , we were lucky to be welcomed by the company Osaka Gas through a collaboration and partnership with the Co-op Japan Program of University of British Collombia (UBC) in one of its buildings in Japan, in Osaka city .


We left Kyoto city to arrive at Osaka wich is known for restaurants specializing in okonomiyaki . This is a typical Japanese meal based with eggs , vegetables and pork. This is a must in the experiments to live in Japan, since eating here is a lifestyle. Whether for the atmosphere, the types of restaurants or quality of food , Japan is a dream destination for small gourmands.


The company Osaka Gas is one of the largest companies in the gas sector. It plays a role not only in oil but also in other sectors such as transportation , electricity, natural energy , ventilation and heating systems , and many others . When we arrived, we were treated to an introductory presentation .


In addition, two students doing an internship over there have prepared a small presentation for us . The first , a native of Australia, could not talk about the project that he works working on so he told us about his experience in general in the country. The reason he was unable to talk about his project is that it is top secret . The only people being aware are his teammates and his internship coordinator. Even his his family , or his friends, didn’t know about it. As he admit it, it was very difficult for him. The concern of the trade secret is very important in Japan.


The second Canadian student and is native of Vietnam and is doing his internship through the Coop Program Japan. Not like his friend, he had the right to talk about the projects on which he worked. His research was on the best methods of cooking rice , fish and bread . Obviously, it is not like cooking with Ricardo , but a scientific experiment to gather given with the aim of having as a result of quality products that contain the most nutrients as possible .


A second research that is taking place in the facility is a heating system in a tube to reduce pollution levels and preventing the release of carbon monoxide. Here are several prototypes.






Voici un excellent exemple de l'organisation au Japon. Il s'agit en fait d'un système de recyclage que l'on retrouve un peu partout dans les institutions de la compagnie.




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