Our experience as students

You will find here articles about our overall experiences, our travel tips, and some of our preparations for the mission.


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We are finaly in Japan!

After a two hours flight from Montreal to Minneapolis, a layover of nearly four hours, followed by another flight which lasted close to twelve hours, we safely landed landed at Narita airport in Tokyo’s suburban. Alas, a few more hours were required to reach the Sakura Hotel, located near the Ikebukuro station “downtown“ Tokyo. Despite the long trip, we would not have let the exhaustion get the best part of our first evening in this metropolitan japanese city.



Then, after changing our sets of clothes and refreshing ourselves, we went to meet Annick and Jules (both in charge of the mission) who had been in nipponese territory since a few days prior to our arrival. To celebrate our reunion, we went to eat okonomiyakis “what you like/want“, a japanese specialty found in a nearby restaurant. Often compared to pizza or omelette, this japanese meal is composed of a variety of assorted ingredients mixed to a paste which is cooked by yourself on a cooking plate in the middle of the table. We can see Ka Hei, preparing his on the picture below.



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The team is complete

The team has finally been completed! The students of the winter session have joined the previous members and are ready to start the final preparations. To make sure we stay efficient, the team has been separed into smaller groups.

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First step

The plane tickets are now bought!

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Let's get started

This year mission has officially started. The destination this time : Japan.

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