Brian desgroseilliers

Brian is completing his second year in industrial engineering at l’École de technologie supérieure. He is curious and he has always been impressed by the human’s ingeniousity. He had the chance to follow some social sciences courses like sociology and anthropology. Following this courses grew up his vision of the world. By being in the Mission InterÉTS, he wants to make his first steps in the world market. He knows he may learn a lot of things when he will meet a different culture. Culturally, at first, but on the human side secondly.



This student drives in the new projets and new experiences. There are no challenges to high for him. Once his bachelor degree is done, he would like to continue with a master degree in project management or in finance. Brian is open-minded and he likes to be well surrounded. He will study in Albuquerque, New-Mexico, next fall.