Marc-antoine dumas

Marc-Antoine Dumas is currently studying automated production engineering. To reach this step in his personal journey, he first attended the “École d’éducation international de Laval” which teachings contained the Middle Years Programme from the International Baccalaureate®. He then chose to pursue his studies at the College Lionel-Groulx in computer science as he longed to obtain hands-on capabilities as soon as possible. As his studies focused on management, he realized he had the desire to work with emerging technologies. His goal is to solve practical challenges by taking advantage of the multiple areas of technology which can complement each other.


An on-site experience such as the Japan mission is sure to broaden the vision he currently has about corporative operating activities and practices. He expects his spontaneity and diplomatic skills to be simultaneously tested during the course of the mission. As a meticulous observer, he strives to detect any unexpected events and act consequently as promptly as possible. Marc-Antoine enjoys distinguishing patterns, whether they can be found in music, human interaction, mathematics, software or communications.