sophie boulanger

Sophie holds a BA in psychology of communication from UQAM and a BA in psychology from Sherbrooke university in Quebec. Since 15 years, she has been working in the field of employability, on different projects in human resources and as an employment counsellor.



She is presently working at ÉTS’ Cooperative Education Department, as regional and international co-op student placement coordinator. She has a passion for human relations, intercultural relations and travel. She had the opportunity to visit El Salvador, Cuba, Guatemala, Argentina before taking employment for nearly 2 years in Tunisia. In Tunisia, she has been dedicated to work and collaborated on an anthropology project with the rural and local population.



Sophie is trilingual, she speaks French, English and Spanish. She also has knowledge of the Arabic language. She manages her time to spend with her family as she enjoys watching and attending hockey matches. She energizes herself by practicing yoga, walking and admiring the nature and local art.