our partners

This mission couldn't be possible without all the help we are receiving from our partners as well as ÉTS's. They found in our project some common interests, whether it's in the international or engineering level. We cannot thank them enough for their remarkable generosity.

Atlas Copco

Commited to sustainable productivity

Partner of the mission for a 4th year, Atlas Copco is an international Swedish company who builds tools and industrial equipments. Founded in 1873, this multinational enterprise stood out because of their well made and innovative products. Their principal products are compressors, construction and mining tools, electric tools and assembling systems. They hire more than 44 000 employes and deals in 180 countries. Atlas Copco is proud to take part in the InterÉTS mission and to have the opportunity to meet some futur engineers who care about the international trade by offering the team a 6000$ grant.


For more information, visit their website


For the first time, the South-West Borough Desjardins Bank takes part in the success of this mission. Being a ressource for any person who needs funds for traveling and during their stay abroad, they generously offered a 2500$ grant to the 2016 InterÉTS mission.


The movement Caisses Desjardins is a cooperative of savings and credit, founded in 1900 by Alphonse Desjardins in the city of Lévis (Québec), where the head office is still established. In 2014, the movement has six millions members which includes 400 000 entreprises, more than 5000 elected leaders and 45 000 employes who manage an asset of 210 billion Canadian dollars.


For more informations, visit their website

Fonds de développement durable de l'ÉTS

The Fonds de développement durable de l’Association étudiante de l’ÉTS has for mission to finance projects promoting the integration et application of sustainable development with and for the community of ÉTS.


We want to particularily thank the implication of the Fonds de développement durable of ÉTS in the Mission InterÉTS. This mission is a new project since a few years now, but as participants, we believe that its existance is justified. Indeed, being part of this project was very formative, as much on the professionnal aspect than in the personnal one. It allows us to discover more about the world and the different countries. In the time that we live in, we believe that it is essential to excel in interpersonnal relationships. The issues of today and tomorrow, no matter if they are economics, politics or environmentals one are a global issue affecting everyone. In this way, the Mission interÉTS has allowed students to open up to other cultures, to find new methods to improve our way of doing here. We say that travel shape youth, and this one was a big one! All of this was possible because of the implication of a team like theirs who believed in our project. This partnership was very significative to us, because it shows how we want to make ÉTS shine all over the world.


Our other partners

The interest Mission 2016 was an incredible experience for all participants. This year, no fewer than 10 students had the immense joy of being selected to go to Japan to represent the École de Technologie Supérieure internationally. Although all were involved intensively to implement this project, it would have been impossible without the participation of gold partners who believed in this mission.


First, we wish to thank the school and especially the Office of Student Recruitment and promotion of programs. They have been of great support, both in terms of financial assistance as providing coaching so that we were heading in the right direction in this project. So, we thank Mrs. Annick Corbeil for her great assistance to the team. Having lived in Japan, numerous tips and contacts have helped so that we can adapt more easily and quickly in a country like Japan. Annick is also one of the people that made the various missions to emerge. Founder of this group, we also find Jules Richard, teaching Master in communication. Although already curious for all the different cultures, Jules knew we convey his passion for multicultural exchange and have also greatly helped in looking for businesses to visit Japan. Also, we thank Sophie Boulanger, coordinator of internships for joining the team this year. Her presence improves the chances that ÉTS students travel to Japan in order to do an internship. Finally, we thank André Bisson, coordinator of partnerships with industry, to support and coaching in the search for partners, Eric Gold, manager BREPP for its support, Bianca D'Aoust, for her support in the development of our blog and François Blanchard, professor in the department of electrical engineering of ETS, who now lives in Kyoto, for his advices on Japan and for the visit of his research laboratory at Kyoto University and for the beautiful moments spent together!


Then we would like to especially thank a partner who believes in the mission for several years , or Atlas Copco . Their large financial contribution has supported us for many expenses qu'encourt such an educational trip to Japan. As an important partner, it is always enjoyed meeting Patrick Gamache, director of human resources , so that we learn more about the Atlas Copco impact on the lives of people all over the world. Thus, each year , students have the chance to visit the company's facilities in the country visited . So this year, Atlas Copco is Japan we have the chance to experience . We return to this visit in this report . Again, we thank you warmly and look forward to continuing this rewarding partnership with you for years to come!


Then, this year joined a new partner in the mission, Desjardins. We thank especially Judith Carrier- Fortier, Youth Development Adviser , Vicky Blanchette , Communications Advisor and Hélène Lazure , advisor services to members for believing in our mission. Desjardins is a partner of choice in achieving student projects . They make a great place for youth and believe in our wildest dreams and projects . With facilities within the campus of the ETS, we feel very fortunate to have the support of Desjardins.


Also , the base of sustainable development of the ETS has been involved in the project by up to a generous financial contribution . Their support is all the more significant because we believe that our mission can impact noted on the school students and the radiation it internationally. In this way, we want the cultural and technical development of such a mission we also rejoingne the rest of the student community. Simon Fonseca, advisor to sustainable development, has been an important player in our obtaining a scholarship by the Fund for sustainable development. Indeed, believing in the mission he himself suggested to present our case. Thank you a lot of advice! We also wish to thank Marie-Pier Janssen, Deputy Advisor, and Javier Beltran-Galindo, head of sustainable development.


This year, the Engineering Laboratory products , processes and systems ( LIPPS ) of the ÉTS has contributed to the mission by offering its services free to Synergex firm , we also thank for agreeing to return the sum of $ 1,000 to the interest mission.


Finally , we thank the Domaine Labranche for its contribution to the interest mission. Louis Desgroseilliers, owner and winemaker at Domaine Labranche , offered us one of his maple products at a Price! We were able to deliver a very nice gift to people who received us in business in Japan. We offered them a sweet maple , an alcohol product made from a product homegrown or maple syrup ! Our guests seem pretty excited to discover this very special product of Quebec!


We also wish to thank everyone who participated in the fundraising mission as selling chocolates and Japanese pub night 100 geniuses. Your contribution has served us well.


Finally, we must not forget to thank all Japanese partners who received us in their companies and who took their time to welcome us very warmly. Thanks to you, we have learned much about the Japanese corporate culture and discover a new face of engineering.


In conclusion, failing to repeat, we feel very privileged to have participated in such a project. For many of us, this has motivated us to make student exchanges internationally. This gave us the desire to discover the world and the professional and personal level, it's a very nice gift. So, thank you all again for your partnership in the interest mission.